LinkedIn Integration Guide

LinkedIn integration allows customers to apply for a job with an existing LinkedIn account. 

Allow Applications with LinkedIn

  1. In order to enable job applications with LinkedIn, go to Account settings > Applications > Application Settings.
  2. Select the option "Allow applications with LinkedIn" in the general application settings section.
  3. Save the changes.

Saving LinkedIn Keys in Prescreen

  1. Log in at LinkedIn and go to
  2. Click "Create app", fill in the form and save. 
  3. Now you've got access to your LinkedIn authentication keys. Go to the "Auth" tab and keep this page open.
  4. In the new browser tab, open your Prescreen account and go to Account settings > Integrations > LinkedIn Integration.
  5. Copy the authentication keys from LinkedIn and paste them into the respective fields in Prescreen.
  6. Copy your authorized redirect URL from Prescreen and paste it into the respective field in the LinkedIn "Auth" tab
  7. Save the changes at LinkedIn and Prescreen.
  8. Check your application page, the LinkedIn button should be shown above the login.

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