With our powerful REST API you can read and write data from and to Prescreen by using simple HTTPS requests. REST API feature is available for the accounts with Professional membership plan.

Step by step guide

  1. Please request the API feature activation for your Prescreen account by writing a note to support@prescreen.io

    Please note: If you are a web agency, please ask your customer to generate an API key for you in their Prescreen account. Due to data protection our support staff will only grant API access to existing users of Prescreen and their respective accounts.
  2. Once granted access, navigate to ADMIN > INTEGRATION > REST API in order to create a new API key.
  3. Set up the API key access rights. Make sure to restrict access to sensitive data (like account user management) in cases when it's required.

    Example#1: Access right settings for an API key used internally Example#2: Access right settings for an API key used by external service providers
  4. Take a look at our API documentation: https://api.prescreenapp.io/doc
  5. You can also take advantage of our testing interface: https://api.prescreenapp.io/doc/v1/testing-interface. On the top right you can enter your API key and send requests and inspect the response.

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