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The job-widget integrates seemingly into the customer's website and automatically displays all published jobs, as well as a filter & search bar. You can configure your own widget codes in the settings of your recruiter account under Settings -> Integration -> Widget Configurations. The widget code can be viewed under Settings -> Integration -> Widget Code, where you also have a preview of each widget configuration.

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To install the widget, the widget code needs to be copy/pasted into the website at a chosen position. You can find the widget code in the settings of your recruiter account under Settings -> Integration -> Website Widget. In order to copy the right widget code be sure that you´ve selected the right config of your code in the drop-down menu. If no config is selected, the one which is set as default will be used.



Multiple widget configurations can be created in the settings of your recruiter account under Settings -> Integration -> Widget Configurations. The "Widget Config 1" is your automatically generateddefault configuration. To edit your default configuration click on edit and configure the parameters according to your website. To add another widget configuration click on "add widget configuration". You can also set the new configuration as default by clicking the link "set as default".


All saved changes are immediately applied to your integrated widget on your website.


Parameters Values Default Description
0/1 1
expand_filters false/true false
lang browser,de, en, hu, fr browser Defines the language of the widget interface. If set to ‘browser’ it uses the default language of the browser.
scroll_to_widget false/true true
primary_background Background color of main page + search input field + filter holder input fields
secondary_background Background color of filter-bar + job title hover + buttons
standard_text Default job title + link color
primary_text Colored headings and inline links in forms
secondary_text Table header/footer font color (usually darker gray)
selection_text Color when selecting an element or a piece of text
border_radius Border-radius for buttons: 3px = rounded, 0px = not rounded
helper_color_1 Button-hover background color
helper_color_2 Table header/footer row background
font_family Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif Overall font-family (usually Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif)

Example Widget-Code with Client-Sided-Configuration

<div id="psJobWidget"></div>
<script src="https://mycompany.jobbase.io/widget/iframe.js?lang=de&font_family=monospace"></script>

URL-Parameters / Speculative-Applications

In order to handle speculative (self-initiative) applications you have to create a separate link (e.g. above or below the widget) which includes special URL parameters.

Let’s say you have integrated the widget under this URL:


The link for initiating a speculative application would then be:


The jh parameter tells the widget which job it should load (jh = job-handle, 0 = no job, speculative application). The second parameter “sa=1” tells the widget that it should skip the job-ad and instead start the application process. This way you could also load jobs / start the application process for jobs within the widget (without using the job list of the widget), e.g. if you render the job list by yourself with the help of our JSON/XML job-feed.

Additional Adaptions


It is possible to use job related custom data fields as a widget column. To define them navigate to Settings->Jobs->Custom Data Fields and edit the fields that should be displayed as a column.   
Note: If you activate custom fields as columns on your widget it removes the columns:  "City" and "Position Type"

In addition to the custom-columns above it is also possible to remove the "Added" date column. Please contact our support if you want this column to be removed.


There are additional filters which can only be configured by us. If you consider some of these filters or want them removed contact us via  support@prescreen.io.

Name Description
Team-Filter If that filter is enabled, then it is possible to filter for a team
If that filter is enabled, then it is possible to filter for a instance
Country-Filter If that filter is enabled, then it is possible to filter for a country
Job-Title-Filter If the same job-title is published more than once, then it´s possible to filter for the job-title.


Our widget needs 3rd party cookies (for your mycompany.jobbase.io domain) in order to work properly. As modern browsers are restricting the possibility for 3rd party providers to place cookies into browsers, enabling the multi step application process within the customer website is not possible in all cases (recent versions of Safari are very restrictive to prevent tracking users). In this case we, as the owner of the jobbase.io domain, are not allowed to save a cookie in the browser ofa user that is currently visiting the customer domain (e.g. mycompany.com/jobs). The same situation occurs when a user has restricted the browser to accept cookies from 3rd party domains. In that case - in order to keep the widget working as good as possible - we set a cookie "ps_widget_token" in the name of your homepage (http://mycompany.com) and manage the session with GET parameters in the iFrame-URL.

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