Job creation


Job creation process

Create a new job opening in Prescreen and start the hiring process by publishing ads on job boards of your choice.

1. Job details

Basic information

Fill out the basic information about the position (the amount of fields may vary depending on your account setup). 

Custom fields

Use custom data fields to provide some additional information for the position. Available custom data fields will appear in the "Custom fields" box. Account admins can see the button "Manage", it leads to the Custom Data Fields management area in account settings. 

Hiring process

Hiring process defines, which steps an application will go through from the time it's been created until it will reach a final status. In case there are multiple hiring processes defined in your Prescreen account, you can select, preview and apply a hiring process to your job. Account admins can see the button "Manage". The button is linked to the Hiring Process management area in account settings, there the existing processes can be edited and new ones can be added.


Define the basic criteria (experience, qualification and education) to enable candidate profile matching for this job. The more precise the applicant's profile is matching the criteria, the higher profile's matching score for this job will be. Additional matching criteria can be added in the 4th process step "Application process".

2. Job team

Complete your job team by adding users, who will be involved into the recruiting process for this job. Users on the job team will have access to job applications, if they are allowed to see the application status. 

Use these options to complete the job team:

  • Load team from job: Copy the job team from an existing job.
  • Add recruiter team: Add users from a recruiter team with just one click. If afterwards new users should be added to the recruiter team, they will automatically be added to all job teams associated with it. Once you connect a recruiter team to your job team, it's not possible to remove single members of the recruiter team from the job team. You can remove the complete recruiter team though.
  • Add existing user: Select from the list of existing users to add to the job team. Please mind, only confirmed users can be assigned the main contact role.
  • Add new user (only accessible for users with permission to create new users): Add new users to your Prescreen account and make them a member of the job team at the same time.  Please mind, only confirmed users can be assigned the main contact role.

Job's main contact is an important role on the job team. The user with this role will be the main contact for the applicants, their name and contact data might appear on the job ad and they will be listed as contact person for this job in Candidate Center (management area for the candidates). For process security, it is not  possible to remove job's main contact from the job. You can assign this role to another job team member at any time.

3. Job ad

Define the design of your job ad. You can adjust the design of the basic template or select a custom template. 

Basic template

  • Upload header image. Supported formats are jpg, png, bpm and maximal size of 1MB.
  • Add job ad description, use the WISYWIG editor to structure your content with headlines, lists, bold text, links etc.
  • Additional information: City, position type and start of work information are displayed as defined in the 1st process step. Additionally custom data fields can be displayed in this section. In order to add custom data fields, in the settings of a respective custom data field activate the option "Display in job ads".

Custom template

For more advanced design options, you can use custom templates developed according to your design requirements. This service is offered at a fee. Available custom templates can be selected in the "Template" section on the top right of this process step.

4. Application process

The process defines, how the application form would look for candidates applying for this job. Select application form steps and bring them into the desired order with drag & drop. If there are predefined application processes, you can select and apply them. Please mind, changing the selected predefined process will be applied and visible to candidates directly once you've confirmed the action. 

5. Publish

Select a suitable marketing strategy for your job and use a variety of publishing options.

Publishing and sharing

  • Publish on website widget & job feed: Job will be published in a website widget associated with job's instance and in the job feed.
  • Publishing on candidate center: Job will be published on Jobbase, your Prescreen's candidate center (*
  • Share on social media: Upload a banner and share the link to the job ad on social media (XING, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

Job board booking

  • Multi-posting: Publish your job ad with just one click on different paid or free job boards of your choice.
  • Custom job boards: Your favorite job board is not integrated with Prescreen? Create a custom job board and send e-mail booking requests directly from Prescreen.
  • XING job ads: Book XING Basic+ ads for free or use your booked professional XING job ads credits with Prescreen's native XING JobManager integration.
  • HR-BA-XML (for jobs with location in Germany only): Post your job ad on Bundesagentur für Arbeit.
  • (or jobs with location in Austria only): Post your job ad on

Working with the form

Saving changes

  • The changes in each process step can either be saved with the green button "Save changes" at the top right without you leaving the current process step, or with the "Save & continue" button at the bottom of the form – in this case the changes in the current step are saved and you are directed to the next process step.
  • If there are unsaved changes in the current process step, a warning is displayed if you try to navigate to another process step or close the page.

Application links

  • In the menu on the top right there are two round buttons with which you can easily copy the application link and the address of the application mailbox. Just click on the button, the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard. By hovering over the button with your mouse, you will see the application URL / application mailbox.

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