Manager Quick Guide (English)

Getting started

Prescreen is a cloud application which can be accessed using your browser:


After an administrator has activated your user account, you will receive an email with the access data.
Click on the link in the mail to activate your user account.
Enter your personal data and set a password.
Now you can log in!

Log in

Open your internet browser and go to
Enter your access data and click on “LOGIN”.
If you have forgotten your password, you can use "Forgot your password?" to reset your password anytime.


After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here you will see an overview of your jobs, applications and statistics. You will also find your latest applications, status changes and comments on candidates under "Your notifications".

The coloured tiles below your jobs show the number of candidates by status. The hiring process can be adapted to your workflow during setup.
By clicking on a job or on one of the coloured tiles below, you will get to a pre-filtered list of candidates. You can also create tasks, to be seen within the dashboard. To do this, select a notification or create a task manually:

Candidate list

Job specific applications

In the candidate list you get an overview of the most important applicant data. You can also assign custom tags and an initial rating (1-5 stars).
The list of candidates can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to the following criteria:
If the list is too long, you can use the filter function to further restrict it (e.g. according to applicant status). To do this, use the quick filters above the list. For the advanced filter function click on "MORE".

All candidates at a glance 

There is also a list your entire candidate pool in your Prescreen account. Here you will also find speculative applicants. Click on the "CANDIDATES" tab in order to switch to this list.

The list is extremely useful for searching your entire database for interesting profiles. Since each candidate could have applied for several positions, information such as the applicant status is not displayed.

Applicant management

Candidate profile

If you click on a candidate in the list, the corresponding candidate profile opens. You will find all data relevant to the application and store additional information in the form of documents, comments and tags
On the left side of the candidate profile you will see the applicant's general info, tags, additional data fields (these can be filled in by the applicant himself or by the recruiting team), as well as the CV.
On the right-hand side you will find further information on the application(s) and upcoming events. Below you will find a list of documents as well as an application history including the option to leave a comment.
In the activity history of the candidate profile, you can use comments to exchange ideas directly with your colleagues on applicants or request feedback.
To do this, enter a comment in the comment field of an activity and click on “Save.” With the help of an “@” followed by a name, you can address your comment specifically to one person.

Hiring Status change

Click on the candidate's hiring status and select the desired new applicant status from the list.

Optionally, you can also justify this action. The reason is shown in the application history.


Of course, you can send the candidate a message directly through Prescreen. This action can also be executed with a status change:

You can choose from custom message templates and adjust the text before sending. At the same time, you can change the candidate’s hiring status when sending messages, such as when sending an interview invitation. Your signature is automatically attached to the mail. You can also attach files and an appointment (e.g. for a personal conversation) to the mail. For appointment invitations, select the appropriate menu item and set an interview time. You can differentiate between “on-site” and “video interviews”. If you have activated the calendar integration, you can directly access your calendar and the ones of your colleagues and view their availabilities.
If you are planning a video interview, please make sure to include the link to the video meeting room for the appointment in your message:
In the tab "Message preview" you can see how the final message will be received by the candidate. If you do not want to send the message immediately, you can use the "send this message later" function to set the preferred time of sending. Until then, the message can be canceled at any time via the candidate profile.

Status change & messages (bulk action)

You do not have to carry out status changes and messages for each candidate individually. You can easily do this for a large number of applicants using the candidate list. To do this, select the relevant applicant (checkbox to the left of the profile picture) and change the status via the corresponding menu item, for example to forward several candidates internally or to give your recruiter information that these candidates should be invited to an interview or rejected.

If you want to communicate with multiple candidates, simply click on "Contact" and select the desired message template.

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