2020-09-01: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Automated Workflows: When utilizing webhooks within your workflows, Prescreen will now send an email notification to the creator or last editor of any such workflow in the event that the webhook and all following retries for proper execution have failed. 


  • Downloading uploaded files by clicking on them in the job details within the process of creating jobs is again possible. 
  • We experienced an interruption of our email application parsing service, which was speedily countered and restored. No messages were lost.
  • A bug was solved regarding attachments from message templates not showing up correctly when selecting these templates for new messages. 
  • Because of an upload limit issue, it was not possible to add new social media images to jobs. This is again working as expected.
  • We sped up our API response for certain queries by introducing a new parameter controlling the output of rendered job ad html content.
  • For some very large accounts, adding candidates via the list view would lead to an error – this has been fixed swiftly.

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