2020-08-24: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Renewal of attachments:
    • File limit and design:
      Apart from updating the look of attachments within candidate profiles, we have noticeably increased our upload limit. Instead of only being able to upload 3 files to a candidate's profile that will be added to the application, you can now upload up to 15 files. 
    • New option to add from messages:
      Done are the days of having to download attachments transmitted by candidates just to then upload them to their candidate profiles. It is now possible to directly add attachments from messages received by candidates to their profiles by clicking the plus (+) icon seen next to the attachment.
  • Automated Workflows: Prescreen is retrying to execute failed webhook actions up to 4 times after the initial execution attempt. In case there is no success, the workflow will be deactivated for an hour. After this time has passed, it will be reactivated so there's a chance to perform any executions triggered from that point onwards.


  • The functionality for assigning candidates to jobs was causing issues in combination with IE11 – this has been resolved. 
  • Whenever candidates complete questionnaires, notifications are again correctly being sent out to the recruiter. 
  • Archived jobs will not show anymore in the list of jobs available for assigning candidates.

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