2020-08-19: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Right to erasure (GDPR): You can now initiate a personal data erasure process, as dictated by the GDPR, upon receiving requests from candidates. For more information on the process, please refer to our GDPR-related documentation.
  • Job custom data fields: These custom fields are now supporting multi-selection inputs. Simply create a new custom field by navigating to Jobs > Custom Data Fields, or edit an existing one, then choose the "Multiple selection'" option.
  • Automated Workflows: We've optimized the handling of failing executions of workflows when using webhook actions. A detailed error log is now added every time an execution fails (e.g. in case a webhook's URL is invalid or temporarily unreachable). In addition, Prescreen will now retry to execute the action up to 5 times, and intervals between retries have been decreased to 30 minutes.
  • Multi-posting with Iventa: Users will now also receive a confirmation notification upon booking any job ads using Iventa's services.
  • Prescreen Calendar: As previously announced, the new app-internal calendar feature is now available to all customers. For more information on ways you can use it, please refer to our documentation.


  • Job ad templates: The issue regarding incorrect data being displayed in job ad templates was swiftly resolved yesterday late afternoon – any lost data has been restored. 
  • Very briefly, confirming orders using Iventa's multi-posting service would result in error. This has been dealt with.
  • The setting "can edit candidate information" is no longer interfering with creating of events or writing messages in any scenario. 
  • Expired job ads, as well as cancelled ones, again show correctly as such within the list of bookings, and cancelling any published ads is working as expected.
  • Some custom field set-ups lead to an unexpected 404 error within Jobbase for a short amount of time, which was speedily resolved.
  • A bug that caused some users to see application process titles in the wrong language has been fixed.

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