2020-08-04: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Integration of Iventa:
    As a new partner for job ad marketing, Prescreen customers are now able to use the services of Iventa (Iventa:M4J Personalwerbung GmbH) to fulfil their multi-posting needs. 

    Interested in getting this service activated? Please write to prescreen@iventa.eu or get in touch with your contact at Prescreen. If you are not familiar with booking job ads using multi-posting providers; here is a short and easy-to-follow guide
  • Free jobs.at feed:
    Austrian customers can post their jobs on the jobs.at job board using an XML feed free of charge. The offer only includes basic job ads, which are not optimized for performance. To have the feed activated, please send a request to support@prescreen.io.
  • Passive video interviews:
    Maximum upload file sizes for candidates are now linked to the duration set up in your video custom question to ensure short videos will always play-back smoothly.
  • Automated workflows:
    Email templates used for notifications sent by automated workflows have been updated to fit our recent design improvements for all other email notifications sent out by Prescreen. To allow for greater usability, you now also have the option to define a headline used for individual notifications sent out with your workflows. 
  • Job details:
    • Job team members are now listed on the job's detail page.
    • The publication status is displayed (posted on website widget, posted in candidate center, posted on job boards)
    • The activity stream has been optimized and now gives a better overview about the latest changes.
  • In-app announcements:
    To make sure you aren't overwhelmed by the number of our announcements for new features and improvements, we are now making sure to display them in a summarized form. You can then more easily navigate them within a separate dialogue window and even mark all of them as read should the need arise. 


  • It is again possible to add / invite new users to join your Prescreen account from the Job Team step in the process of creating a job.
  • We fixed an issue with the custom job field date picker breaking when using languages other than English. 
  • Inconsistencies in main contact assignments in our database triggered an error with some automated workflows – this has been resolved. 
  • Navigating back when wanting to re-do a selection of job ad marketing products is now again working for all multi-posting providers.
  • The 1MB restriction for the social media banner upload within the Job Ad step in the process of creating a job has been lifted.

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