Multi-posting in Prescreen


1. Activate your service provider of choice

To be able to market a job on a wide range of job boards using our multi-posting feature, it is necessary to first choose one of the job ad marketing service providers integrated. In order to have the feature activated for your account, please contact your preferred service provider.

Our current partners include: 

2. Check your job ad design

Make sure that the design for the job's ad is the one you would like to use. You can partly adjust the template in the "Job ad design" step of the job creation process. 

3. Book an ad using a multi-posting service

Once your account is set up for use, the option to book an ad with the Multiposting Provider button will be available to you within the "Publish" step of the job creation process:

Pressing this button, a window with a filterable selection of job boards – the portfolio of the service provider – will open. You can choose multiple products to simultaneously request publishing of a job's ad on the related job boards and save time. If you have a pricing agreement with any of the integrated multi-posting providers, this will be reflected in the discounts displayed to you. All products available to you based on a specialized contract will be shown collectively within the "My deals" tab. This includes offers with a specific reduction in price as well as prepaid quotas for job ad products, shown in available "units" or "slots" depending on the contract type. Within the "Job boards" tab, you can find the rest of the service provider's general offering together with their service for job ad recommendations. Recommendations are utilize artificial intelligence and are based primarily on the title of your job:

Confirm your selection by scrolling down to the bottom of the window and pressing "Confirm selection". This will take you to the checkout, where you can confirm your booking and a price quote is shown. To finalize the booking, read the terms of service of the partner, check the checkbox if you agree to them, and press "book now": 

After this process has been completed, your booked ads will appear in the bookings list also located in the "Publish" step of the job creation process. Depending on the provider, they will usually be processed and published on the job boards within 1-2 working days. In this list, you can monitor the publishing status of your job ads as well as their history. It is possible to cancel your ads, however, depending on the partner's conditions, you may not receive a refund on processed bookings. To cancel an ad, click on the button with the three dots within the listed element and choose "Cancel". Updating an already published ad is as simple as changing the job's information or job ad design's look – saving such changes will automatically transmit the updated information to the service partner and job board:

4. Book an ad using your custom job boards

In case Prescreen is not currently offering an integration with a provider you want to partner with, you can manually set up a way to send a job ad booking request by email, including all relevant data in the form of a JSON, job ad design HTML, and PDF file, to any partner provided you have a contact person's email information and there's a mutual agreement in place. 

Set up a custom job board by navigating to Settings > Jobs > Custom Job Boards: 

By clicking on the Add Custom Offer button, you can input the information of your agreement:

Once a custom job board has been added, it will show up within the list opening upon clicking the Your Job Boards button within the "Publish" step of the job creation process. Selecting one and clicking on Send Request will send this information to your contact, as long as the "E-Mail Request" toggle is activated, and the booking request will show up within the list of job board bookings just like it would if you had used any other service:

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