2020-07-21: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Access rights:
    We improved the handling of candidate data downloads across the app.
    • New access rights:
      • can bulk export candidate profile and application data in lists: Users with this access right are be able to perform single or bulk export actions from candidates and applications lists. These files contain all profile- and application-related information, therefore access should only be given to admins or users who can see all jobs.
      • can export candidate profile PDF and anonymous candidate profile PDF: Users with this permission are able to export candidate profile PDFs or an anonymized candidate profile PDF using the Download menu in the candidate profile.
    • Migrated access rights:
      These access right settings were moved from Settings > Privacy & Data Processing to Settings > to Settings > Access Management > Access Groups. Within an access group, these access rights can be found under the Candidate section. All the existing settings were migrated accordingly; there are no visible changes for users.
      Old title New title Function
      Access groups allowed to download personal candidate data Can export personal candidate data in candidate profile (GDPR Right of Access) Users with this access right can download a file containing all stored personal data of a candidate using the Download menu in candidate profiles in order to execute candidate's Right of Access according to GDPR regulations.
      Access groups allowed to offer extended data retention to candidates Can offer extended data retention Users with this access right can offer candidates to remain available in your company's talent pool for further consideration for job openings. 
  • Job feed integration:
    • An additional XML-feed version is available now. It includes CDATA tags and can be utilized for some job boards (e.g. Indeed) or other custom use cases. The URL parameter for this option looks like this: ?format=xml-cdata. For more information, please read this documentation article.


  • A problem with events showing as attachments to messages even when there were none was fixed.  
  • We found an issue with Jitsi causing a loss of sound and video when more than a certain number of people joined  – this has been resolved.
  • Using the "send later" functionality of messages again works as expected both when choosing to input dates manually and with the date picker. 

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