2020-06-23: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Active video interviews:
    • It is now possible to quickly start video calls on any occasion without creating an event first. Generate a new video call room by selecting "Start Instant Video Call" in Candidate profile > Top menu > Contact. This action will direct you to your video call room instantly available for 2 hours. 
    • Introduced the presenter role. The presenter can share their screen and their camera's video at the same time. Call's moderator is the presenter by default and can hand this role over to any other participant of the call.
  • Candidates list:
    • You can now filter for candidate profiles with applications in a status that needs to be updated. Use the filter option "Only overdue applications".
  • kununu integration:
    • We improved the accuracy of mapping reviews from employees and applicants to employer profiles on kununu. 


  • Creating two video rooms with the same name and during the same time lead to conflicts – this has been resolved.
  • An issue was fixed with notifications about new applications being delivered to users without permission to see those in status "NEW".
  • We found a solution for a problem with automated workflows in rare cases triggering messages to users that were not to receive them.
  • Our daily summary for new applications is now showing the exact tally for applications individual recruiters should see. 

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