2020-05-26: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Calendar integration improvements:
    • Events list: The display of event items within the list has been reworked to provide more useful information at a glance.   
  • Reviews:
    • When navigating to Reports > Reviews, the filters "Job" and "Institution" in the detail view of the reviews list are now searchable.
  • Update on upcoming email improvements:
    • The second stage of our email rework will be released beginning of June. As announced, the following is a list of subject changes to prepare you in case you have filtering set up directly in your email client of choice. 
    • List of subject changes: 

      Hiring Requests
      • “Reminder: Hiring request %hiringRequestTitle% needs your approval” –> "Hiring request decision pending | %JobTitle%"
      • “The hiring request for %hiringRequestTitle% has been approved” –> "Hiring request approved | %JobTitle%"
      • “You have been assigned to a hiring request” –> "Hiring request assigned | %JobTitle%"
      • “The hiring request for %hiringRequestTitle% has been declined” –> "Hiring request rejected | %JobTitle%"
      • “Please make your decision for the hiring request for %hiringRequestTitle%” –> "Hiring approval requested | %JobTitle%"
      • “The approval process for the hiring request for %hiringRequestTitle% has been started” –> "Hiring request process started | %JobTitle%"
      • “Aktualisieren Sie Ihr Zertifikat!” –> "HR-BA-XML Zertifikat verfällt | %CompanyName%"
      Job Applications
      • "Latest applications received" –> "%count% new job applications received since %date%"
      • “Job application status was changed!” –> "Application status changed | %JobTitle%"
      • “Unprocessed Applicants”–> "Overdue application status"
      • A task was completed” –> "Questionnaire completed"
      • “New application received” – > "New job application"
      • “%count% new %reviews% received” –> "%count% new reviews since %date%"
      • jobCreationNotification: “A job was created” –> "Job team involvement | %JobTitle%"
      • “JobAd Booking Confirmation” –> "Job ad booking confirmation | %JobTitle%"
      • requestPublicationEmail: “Job publication request” –> "Job publication request | %JobTitle%"
      • recruiterJobPublishNotification: “Job publication settings were changed!” –> "Publication changed | %JobTitle%"
      User Management
      • “Please confirm your email address” –> "Confirm your account | %CompanyName%"
      • “Your password has been changed” –> "Your password has been changed | %CompanyName%"
      • “Recover your account” –> "Recover your password | %CompanyName%"
      • “%user% joined your recruiter account! –> "%user% joined your account | %CompanyName%"
      • "Your password” –> "Log into your account | %companyName%"


  • Commas can now be used instead of periods to signify decimals for custom questions with numeric inputs.
  • We swiftly resolved a bug where incorrect recruiter access was given for a user lacking AD credentials while using single sign-on.
  • For a short time, there was an issue with applicants being unable to change their account email on jobbase.io – this is taken care of.

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