2020-05-12: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • New notification settings: Manage your preferences for the incoming application notifications (My profile > Notifications).
    • New applications (daily summary): This daily notification presents an overview of applications received within the last 24 hours. Only finished applications are included in this notification. Set a preference for how they are delivered: "Don't notify", "In-app", "E-mail", or "In-app and e-mail".
    • A new application has been received: Get a notification every time candidates finish an application. Set a preference for how they are delivered: "Don't notify", "In-app", "E-mail", or "In-app and e-mail".
  • Calendar integration improvements:
    • New event button: There is now a dedicated button for scheduling new events, making their creation more straight-forward.
    • Improved answer messages: Responses received by recruiters from their candidates to event invitations now come with improved formatting in order to present more useful information. 


  • An issue regarding privacy policy links not working for a short amount of time has been resolved.
  • In some instances, customers faced trouble displaying jobs using their website widget, which has swiftly been fixed.
  • Cancelling scheduled events using the Cronofy calendar integration would not automatically update the events list – this has been resolved.

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