2020-04-28: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • New e-mail templates for candidates: We have rolled-out the first stage of our e-mail improvements, as previously announced. With this release a new field  e-mail headline was introduced to notification templates. Please be sure to modify the e-mail headline within the notification templates in Messaging > Notifications To Applicants to your liking. 

  • Calendar integration improvements:
    • Event editing settings: A new section dedicated to all calendar features has been added to access right group settings: Settings > Access management > Access groups > Edit > Calendar. It allows you to specify the permissions for access groups to be able to edit and cancel calendar events.
    • Past events are now hidden: To help you keep a candidate's profile as clean as possible, events that have alreadytaken place will be automatically hidden and can be unfolded by clicking the "past events" button.
    • Descriptions for cancelled events: When cancelling a scheduled event, it is now possible to define the description sent with the event update.
  • REST API: Whether any custom field has a requirement to be filled out is now available data when using our API.


  • An issue regarding the BA-HR-XML forms not being filled automatically has been resolved.
  • In some instances, posting to a job board would generate PDF files incorrectly – we have traced this back to individual job ad templates.
  • At times, comments by users would not render correctly and only display the marked user, which is not happening anymore.

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