2020-04-08: Changelog


Upcoming email improvements

To make communication more streamlined and support recruiters in leaving a great impression on promising candidates, we are currently re-designing all transactional emails sent by Prescreen.     

The release will go live in two stages: 

  • First, we will update all emails received by candidates. This will happen as soon as next week. 
  • In the second stage, all changes to emails received by Prescreen users will be rolled out. The time for this event will be announced within the following two weeks. 

What will be different?

The subjects, contents, and visual styling of email notifications and messages will change. 

If you have filtering rules set up within your email client of choice, please be aware that you may want to adapt them after we enter the second stage of this release. To make sure that this will be a smooth process, we will prepare a list of subject changes for you in an announcement prior to the roll-out.

Email notifications modifiable by the user – e.g. Application information, Invite to questionnaire, Offer extended data retention – will not face any changes in content, only in styling and subject.

How will emails look?

To your candidates, they will look very close to this:

To fellow recruiters, they will look very close to this:

Why are we doing this?

At Prescreen, we always aim to provide the very best tools in order to make the lives of both recruiters and candidates easier. In designing these new templates, we are not only providing an updated appearance and content but also optimizing transactional emails for deliverability. This translates to a reduced chance for emails to find their way into a candidate’s spam folder in addition to a more wholesome, caring experience for all parties. 

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