2020-04-02: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • sofort.jobs.at: The coronavirus crisis is a big challenge for many businesses. sofort.jobs.at is an initiative presented as a job board that aims to help companies advertise the job vacancies that most need to be filled during these difficult times. In case your company is offering jobs needed to cope with the crisis, please contact support@prescreen.io and request activation of this job board within your Prescreen account. Please bear in mind that only Austrian jobs can be advertised on sofort.jobs.at.
  • Notifications for reviews: You will now receive notifications for new reviews sent in by applicants and your own employees. Controlling whether to get them in-app and/or by email is as easy as navigating to My Profile > Notifications. For more information on the topic of reviews and our kununu integration, please visit this page.
  • Warnings for Automated Workflows: When trying to modify existing and live workflows that rely on time-based conditions, we will now make sure to notify you of any unforeseen consequences this may have before you can submit your changes. 


  • We fixed an issue with displaced warning dialogue boxes in the browser viewports of some users.
  • An error where in-app announcements would still return even after reading has been resolved.
  • The search function for candidates broke for Internet Explorer users – this was fixed swiftly.  
  • Line breaks are again being rendered correctly in the candidate profile's activity section. 
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