2020-03-27: Changelog


During these challenging times we want to support our customers in the best possible way and provide job seekers in our market with tools to find suitable jobs as easily as possible. Therefore we decided to forward shift the already planned integration of video interviewing to the earliest possible start point. We hope that we can provide a solution within the next 6-8 weeks and will keep you updated on the progress.

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Feedback feature and kununu integration: You can now request, receive, and evaluate anonymous reviews from applicants and your newly hired employees. These reviews can then be published on your kununu Employer Branding profile free of charge. More information.
  • Prescreen dashboard: We have re-designed Prescreen's dashboard to now feature a set of tools – tasks, in-app notifications, and KPIs – to help you keep your everyday recruiting goals in sight. More information
  • Refreshing job ads:  Updating a job that has already been published via JobAdPartner is now possible. Any changes to a job ad's content will be automatically recognized, sent to JobAdPartner, and then forwarded to the job board. Please note that processing an update might take up to an hour in total
  • Calendar integration with Cronofy: 
    • Attendee list: Sending an event invitation to candidates will now also list all attending participants of a meeting within the actual calendar entry.  
    • Editing events: You can now freely edit or cancel scheduled events after sending out the invitation to participants simply by hovering on the event and clicking the appearing "more" button on the right side. When editing, you can choose whether all participants will be notified about updates to the event or not. By default, all participants will receive updated event notifications whenever you choose to change any of the event's details, such as the time, place, or description. 


  • An error where our matching algorithm would not consider some applicants has been resolved.
  • We fixed an issue with message attachments not closing as expected within the same browser window.
  • Uploading .docx files using custom fields for jobs now again converts correctly to .pdf. 
  • Loading times for opening bigger reports have been significantly improved.  
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