Reviews and kununu integration


With Prescreen's feedback feature you can request, receive and evaluate anonymous reviews from your applicants and your newly hired employees.

Request feedback

You have the opportunity to request feedback from applicants as well as from the recently hired employees. There are two corresponding review forms. You can preview the content of the forms under Settings > Integrations > Reviews. It is currently not possible to adjust the form fields, this option is intended for further development.
To request feedback, please use the message placeholders "Review invitation: Applicants" and "Review invitation: Employees" to flexibly integrate the links to the corresponding review forms into your messages.

Tip: Message templates

Integrate the links to the review forms into your existing message templates (rejections, hires, notices etc.) to ensure that the feedback is consistently requested.

Tip: Automated Workflows 

Automate review invitations with Automated Workflows. Invite to review at the right time and in the right context. The example workflows could look like this:

  • For applicants:
    Send a message to candidate 3 days after the application status was set to "Reject" / "Hire".
  • For employees:
    Send a message to candidate 3 months after the application status was set to "Contract signed". 

Submitting reviews

After receiving the invitation applicants / employees can submit their anonymous reviews. No personal data is ever collected in connection with the review.

Review form: Applicants

Bewertungsformular: Kandidaten

Review form: Employees

Bewertungsformular: Mitarbeiter

Please note:

  • Only one review can be submitted per application and per form type (applicants /employees).
  • The invitation link is valid for 2 weeks. You can refresh the expired link by re-sending the invitation.

Evaluating reviews

The submitted reviews can be reviewed and evaluated under Reports > Reviews. The reviews are sorted into two reports: "Applicant reviews" and "Employee reviews".


Decide which access groups should have access to the review reports. Set up the permissions under Settings > Access management > Access groups > Edit > Reports > Access right: Can see and evaluate reviews. All admin users have access to the review reports per default.

Publish reviews on

You can publish the reviews collected via Prescreen on your kununu employer profile. In order to use this integration, please activate the option "Publish review on kununu" under Settings > Integrations > Reviews

After the review synchronization is activated, at the end of each month the yet unpublished reviews will be published on Normally the reviews should be visible in your employer profiles in a couple of days. kununu carefully screens the content of all reviews, and in exceptional cases – generally due to technically or editorially inadmissible review content – reviews may not be released for publication. 

You can pause / deactivate the review synchronization to kununu at any time.

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