2020-01-21: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Report Builder: To make evaluating recruiting data even easier, we have introduced a new way to start building an analysis. You will see the following dialog box whenever you add new analyses to your reports. It includes simple explanations of our predefined KPIs to help guide you. 
  • Restricted profile deletion options for candidates: After your company has obtained permission to process an applicant's personal data (which is after an application has been created by the candidate), and before the legally defined retention period has expired, candidates are not able to delete their Candidate Center (Jobbase) account. This change prevents legal gaps in application management, which could previously be exploited. Candidates can still cancel their active applications at any time. As a recruiter, you can also still delete candidate profile at any time. 
  • XING TalentManager: You can now see which candidates have been bookmarked and who last bookmarked a profile from your HR staff. 
  • Application source arrangement: It is now possible to rearrange the list of application sources within the application process. Simply go to your Account settings > Application > Application Source > and adjust the list of source entries as they should appear before candidates. 
  • Hiring requests: 
    • We have added a new access rights setting allowing users to manage hiring requests they neither created nor are assigned to. Account settings > Access management > Access groups > Edit an access group > Section: Hiring request > Can edit all hiring requests. 
    • The detail view of individual hiring requests now contains action buttons (duplicate, remove, archive) previously only found in the list view.


  • An error regarding some mails sent to candidates bouncing has been resolved.
  • We fixed an issue with activities not being created properly in the case of rejected Cronofy invitations.
  • Custom data fields containing multiple-choice inputs are now displayed correctly when exporting candidate profiles. 
  • Some BA-HR-XML job postings could not be posted because of overlapping reference IDs – this is not an issue anymore.
  • Reassigning candidates to other jobs now lets you view attachments in every scenario.  
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