2019-12-23: Changelog

Prescreen wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is Prescreen's final changelog for the current year. We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and look forward to seeing you again in 2020! 

  • Candidates and applications lists:
    • Job application source filter: Application sources (e.g. Social media, Company website, or Friends & colleagues) can be defined by navigating to Account settings > Applications > Application sources. They are submitted by candidates during the application process. Use this filter to get a list of applications attributed to a specific source. You can select multiple sources at once.
    • Job application referrer filter: The application referrer (e.g. xing.com, facebook.com, google.de, or stepstone.de) is identified automatically based on the information found in an applicant's session cookie. Use this filter to get the list of applications attributed to a specific referrer or referrer group. The filter supports partial keyword-matching. For example: If you type in "google", all the applications with referrer URLs containing this keyword will be delivered, including google.at, jobs.google.de, etc.
  • Hiring requests:
    • Approval reminder: When the approval process of a hiring request is being bottlenecked by pending decisions, you can now send out a reminder to those who have not yet made their decision. In the detail view of a hiring request, click the "Remind" button and a notification email will be sent to the approvers whose decision you are waiting for.
    • Like the assignee, the creator of a hiring request can now also start the approval process by default.
  • Prescreen has added support for the Swedish language. Please submit your activation request to support@prescreen.io.

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