2019-12-10: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Report Builder    
    • New access rights setting: It is now possible to manage which users can create, edit, and share reports created with the Report Builder. To enable this permission, toggle "Can manage Report Builder" in Settings > Access Management > Access groups > Edit > Reports. Users for whom this setting has not been activated can still view reports when shared but not edit them. 
    • XLSX export for reports: You can now easily export your reports to Excel's .xlsx format – simply open the action menu ( the "..." - Button) of the report and select "Export to XLSX".
    • Job board grouping: The "Total jobs" metric can now be grouped by job boards. Use this attribute to find out how many job ads were posted on different job boards.
    • Report visibility indicator: A new icon, including a tooltip, now provides all information about the visibility of any custom report. 
    • Candidate tag grouping: Application- and candidate-related metrics can now be grouped and filtered by candidate tags. [More information
  • Support for multiple XING Talent Manager accounts: Those who manage multiple subsidiaries with different XTM accounts within a single Prescreen account can now integrate all of them – send a request to support@prescreen.io to have us set it up for you. 
  • Jobs

    • Jobbase and Website-Widget search: Filtering for institutions now allows candidates to make multiple selections. 
    • Head count in "Details" view: When looking at the details of a job, you will now see at a glance how many positions have been requested, how many have been filled, and how many are still open. 


  • XING job ad bookings are now showing properly in the list of job ad bookings within "Billing" area found in the account settings.
  • We fixed an issue where filtering the job list for specific custom field inputs would still return every job.
  • We solved a bug with some access groups not being able to add job team members despite having the access rights to do so. 
  • Receiving notifications for failed mail parsing will now work as expected in all circumstances. 

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