2019-11-26: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Placeholders in messages and message templates: Custom field values can now be used as a placeholder in both messages and templates. Simply check the "Available as placeholder for messages" setting when creating or editing any custom question to make them available. You can use these placeholders to, for example, communicate the results of a test to candidates. 
  • Questionnaires: A specific order of standard questions within questionnaires is now respected when adding them to the application process or sending a questionnaire invitation to candidates. Previously, standard questions would be fixed in place at the top of the questionnaire. 


  • An error with PDF CV uploads failing in the job widget has been resolved.
  • We fixed an issue where updating the job team membership would not properly save changes regarding active/passive involvement, which resulted in notifications not working as expected.
  • Replies from recruiters to candidates are now again parsed reliably in every scenario. 
  • Users are not experiencing a bug anymore concerning notifications for hiring request approvals not being sent.

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