2019-11-12: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Candidates list & applicants list: You now have a new filtering option at hand that lets you find candidate entries by filtering for answers to custom questions that accept date inputs. To make use of this, simply check the "Filter in candidates & applicants lists" setting when editing or creating a custom question with the answer type "date".  
  • Report Builder: When building an analysis based on the "Unfinished applications progress" metric, there is now the possibility to group data by "job-specific application processes", which are default application processes that have been manually modified during the second step of job creation. 
  • Report Builder: Application-based metrics can now be grouped by either your jobs' custom data fields or the candidates' custom questions.  


  • Issues with attribute grouping for certain analyses in the Report Builder have been resolved.
  • IE11 users are not experiencing a bug anymore that caused visualizations in the Report Builder to fail.
  • Links in "new applicants" email notifications now again direct to the filtered applications list instead of the dashboard.
  • We solved drag-and-drop malfunctioning when editing application processes. 
  • Creating jobs from approved hiring requests is again working as expected. 

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