2019-10-29: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Duplicates check: Identify potential candidate duplicates in your database. If one or more entries match existing candidates, an indicator will appear in the interface displaying potentially duplicated profiles. View all potential duplicates in your list of candidates by using the search filter "Only potential duplicates". [More information]
  • Report Builder: The "Time to..." metric configurator got some new advanced options. With the newly introduced select options for "Time from" and "Time to" you can measure time between two specific application statuses (e.g. from INTERVIEW to OFFER) or even time between some hiring process milestone and an application status (e.g. from job created to 1.INTERVIEW). [More information]
  • Data Protection Officer: You can now add the contact information of your company's Data Protection Officer (DPO) by navigating to: Account > Privacy & Data Processing > Data protection officer. Prescreen automatically includes the DPO contact information within your privacy policy, if set up accordingly in: Account > Privacy & Data processing > Custom privacy policy. [More information]
  • In-app announcements: From now on we will inform you about product announcements and recent changes with a push notification within the app. You can always check for the complete list of updates by clicking on the "WHAT'S NEW" item in your profile menu. [More information]

  • Fixed a bug regarding job page views on jobbase.io that were tracked incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in custom reports: occasionally, existing reports would throw type 500 errors when called.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the listing of hiring requests; the pagination would sometimes fail, ending in a type 500 error.

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