2019-10-15: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Date type custom questions: You are now able to create custom questions of "date" type and use them in jobs and hiring requests, applications forms, questionnaires and candidate profiles. Use this question type to record date data (deadlines, start of work etc.). Use your date type questions as filter in the jobs / candidates (not available at the moment, will be added within the next two weeks) lists to filter for specific dates or date ranges (from - until).

    Date type custom question for candidates: Account > Applications > Custom questions > Create new question.Date type custom data field for jobs/hiring requests: Account > Jobs > Custom data fields > Add data field.Using date type questions in jobs / candidates lists.
  • Improved usability of submitting comments in activity feed of candidate profiles: Now you can submit a new comment with a "SUBMIT" button. Submitting comments with the enter tab is not available anymore in oder to prevent accidental comment submits
  • HR-BA-XML job ad booking interface just got a fresh new look! We've also improved the overall stability of the booking process and added more options to pre-fill the form data (contact and address data).


  • Fixed performance issues in recruiter teams settings page loading time.
  • Fixed a bug in endless looping of candidates list when scrolling and resetting filter almost simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug in the report configurator: the analysis filter were not displayed on page reload even though correctly applied.
  • Fixed an issue with some candidates not being able to set/reset their password.

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