2019-10-01: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Report builder: Based on the awesome feedback we received from our customers, we've made some improvements to the report builder and added a couple of new functions. 
    • "Time to..." metric: Allows you to analyze the average time in days between two milestones in the hiring process. E.g. Time from job was created and the first application. More "from - to" combinations will be added in the next weeks
    • "Total jobs" metric: Gives you an overview over your jobs in different contexts. You can analyze your jobs grouped by institution, recruiter team, location, custom data fields or head count and additionally filter the analysis and exclude already archived or deleted jobs, only view the jobs, which were published in candidate center / widget / job boards or only the jobs of a specific institution / recruiter team.
    • "Application canceled" metric: Analyse the canceled applications. Use filter "canceled by: recruiter/candidate/API" to figure out the dropped out applications 
    • "Exclude deleted / archived jobs" filter: Use this filters to exclude the historical data from your analysis and focus on the data related to the currently active jobs only.
  • Automated Workflows: Introduced a new action "Assign to job". This action allows you to assign a candidate to a specific job making a lot of new automation scenarios possible, e.g. Assign a candidate to job "Software Engineer - Vienna", if they applied speculatively and are willing to relocate to Vienna.
  • Working with search filters: If you select multiple options for one filter, the selected options will be shown in the filter tooltip giving you a better overview over your search combination. Just hover over the selected filter to see more information.


  • Fixed a bug with recruiter teams filter not working in candidate center / widget. 

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