2019-08-20: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Attachments in message templates: Add attachments to your message templates and save time when sending messages to candidates. Up to 3 file attachments can be added to each template. If your message template is multi-language, unique files can be used for each language. 
  • Job feed page limit of 250 jobs can now be extended upon request to support@prescreen.io.
  • REST API: Some new parameters were added to candidate POST request for more flexibility in candidate creation over the API: motivational_letter, is_finished, referer, xrm_tracking_id, source
  • New interface language: Romanian 🇷🇴. Prescreen interface can now be used in Romanian language both for you and your candidates. Available upon request to support@prescreen.io.


  • Fixed a bug in pagination by scrolling within jobs and candidates lists
  • Fixed issues with vicinity search delivering incorrect results
  • Fixed issues with application/reply mailbox parsing not working for accounts using custom subdomains for messaging
  • Fixed issues with search and filter delivering 0 results in widgets

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