2019-07-23: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Design facelift in Prescreen: Whilst the functionality of the app remains the same, the visual part has got an update which includes the fresh new colors as well as optimized page header and navigation. Lightweight design, fresh contrasts and intuitive navigation – discover the new Prescreen brand colors! 
  • SAML (SSO) integration: Please consider these two improvements for your SAML integration in Prescreen for more flexibility and security. 
    • SAML logout support: Users will be logged out across all SAML accounts of your company, if logged out in Prescreen. Your would need to set the `SingleLogoutService` in your IdP metadata and upload it in Prescreen.
    • SAML support for companies with multiple Prescreen accounts: Each account can now have it’s own entityID enabling SSO for your subsidiaries in Prescreen.
  • Automatic application referrer tracking: We have easterly improved the accuracy of referrer tracking in Prescreen. The referrer information should be safely passed to the app, even when the applicant made multiple stops between visiting a job board and applying in candidate center.
  • Number of applications indicator: In candidates and applications lists you can now see an indicator for the total amount of applications this candidate has. You can see the detailed information about the job (title, location, institution) or see just the amount of applications for jobs you don't have access to. In candidate profile there is a respective indicator for the total amount of applications of this candidate. 
  •  Various system integrity and performance improvements.


  • Fixed issues with third party cookie detection in widgets.
  • Fixed issues with pre-selection of candidate's language when creating messages for speculative applications.
  • Fixed issues with link titles not being displayed in BA-XML job descriptions.

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