2019-06-25: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Introduced new image cropping tool for company logo and user avatar uploads. You can now improve how your logo/avatar looks like in the header of your Prescreen account.
  • Introduced full text search in CV files. This feature enables you to look up informations in the CV files not included in the CV parsing scope. If you're interested to use this search option, please send a request to support@prescreen.io.


  • Fixed a bug with incorrect signature being delivered in failed email notification to recruiter (even though the initial message to candidate contained the correct signature).
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the wrong number of applications in application status counter in the jobs list.
  • Fixed a bug with "candidates to be deleted" filter, which showed wrong results after data retention period was edited.
  • Improved loading time of the job team page.

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