2019-06-11: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Job custom fields can now be translated in all languages available in your Prescreen account. Use translations to improve candidate experience: custom fields will be shown in candidate's language, if you use them in your job ads and website widgets. 
  • Auto login option for email links: You can decide, if auto login token should be allowed for the links used in emails sent to candidates. E.g. If auto login is activated and candidate, who is not currently logged in in candidate center, gets an invitation to a questionnaire or a notification about a new message in candidate center, they will click the link in the email and be automatically logged in. Auto login token expires 2 days after the email was sent. The same option is available for the recruiter facing links. This settings can be activated for you on request by our support team via support@prescreen.io.
  • HR-BA-XML: Job ads can now be posted to German Federal Employment Agency (HR-BA-XML-Format) using different hiring organization IDs for your subsidiaries.


  • Resolved issues with event placeholder support for customers using calendar integration with Cronofy.
  • Fixed message preview loading bug for messages using templates.
  • Fixed a bug with file upload to custom job field.
  • Fixed issues with HTML formatting conversion in HR-BA-XML job ads.
  • Fixed a bug with cursor "jumping" back when building long search queries in text search field.

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