2019-05-28: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Hiring requests: Drafts can now be deleted and the requests, which have once been published (statuses: In approval, Approved, Declined, Job created) can be archived. With the new filter option "Only archived" you can view the list of archived hiring requests.
  • Job search: You can now search for jobs using job ID as search term.
  • Candidate & applicant search: You can look up candidates by their phone number or their reference ID.
  • Messaging: We've modernized the messaging interface making it more user friendly. It will also enable us to deliver advanced messaging functionality in the future.


  • Fixed issues with unfinished applications filter in candidates list.
  • Resolved various HTML formatting issues in HR-BA-XML job descriptions.
  • Resolved the issue with speculative applications being visible only for the users with permission to see all jobs.
  • Fixed the bug in status change reasoning when sending a new message.
  • Included static header images in job ad booking PDFs sent in the booking confirmation mails.

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