Candidate search with boolean operators

Prescreen equips you with some powerful tools to master search in different situations: run complex search queries with boolean operators to find the prospects in your talent pool exactly matching your requirements or just use text search in combination with filters and sorting to find an application you are currently managing – this article will guide you through the options.

Search using boolean operators

Operator Usage Example
AND Results will include all search terms. Typically limits your search results.
senior backend developer AND ruby on rails AND aws
OR Results will include one or more search terms. Typically broadens your search results. Is a default for search queries without operators.
sales OR account executive 
NOT Use to exclude terms from search results. Typically limits your search results.
developer OR programmer NOT manager
( ) For complex searches and for building search term combinations
mobile developer NOT (junior OR android) 
" " Results include exact matches for the search term. Typically limits your search results. "react" AND "angular"

The following fields are included in the scope of the text search: 

  • Candidate's general info: candidate name, email, tags
  • CV (parsed or manually entered): position (title, description, company name) and education (school name, subject and specialized subjects, degree).


Additionally to text search with boolean operators use powerful filters or filter combinations to get more precise results. In candidates, applicants and suggestions list there is a pre-configured set of text search and filter to get your search started:

For additional filter options click on "MORE" to access the filter panel. In candidates list you will additionally find job related filter options (recruiter team, institution/scope, speculative applicaitons). 

Please mind, that the custom field filters can be configured invididually. When creating a custom field, activate the option "Filter in candidates & applicants lists". 


Sort your search results to see the most relevant results first.

Candidates list:
Applicants & suggestions list:

Saving searches

Your search configuration is preserved until you click the "Clear filters" button. At the moment it is not possible to create multiple search profiles.

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