2019-04-02: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Customisable checkbox texts: Now you can customise the text of the opt-in checkbox fields for consent to the privacy policy (GDPR) and to extended data retention. The settings can be found in Settings > Privacy & Data Processing

  • Newsletter Settings: A little, but much-requested feature: You can now view and fine-tune your newsletter opt-ins in your My Profile > Privacy settings.
  • API User Management: As more and more customers are using the Prescreen API, we extended our user management. Now you can, for example,


  • In some cases, there were issues with saving job contents via the API. The faulty behaviour, which has led to wrong updates with some job templates, has been fixed and works now as expected.
  • We have introduced a security feature which prevents deleting users that are actively involved in processes, e.g. as the main contact of a job. Some archived jobs were not correctly recognised as archived and therefore prevented the deletion of users. This has been fixed.
  • When a candidate has uploaded more than one PDF file, Prescreen can merge those files into one combined PDF file. A nasty bug prevented this with some types of PDF's, so we fixed this and it now works as it should.
  • Lastly, when you did not enter a birthday as a candidate, there was a bug where the UNIX zero point date (January 1, 1970) was shown instead. We were obviously not trying to assume anyone's age via machine learning, so this has been fixed.
  • Furthermore, there were various smaller performance improvements and bug fixes in the frontend and backend. They are not visible, but ensure that you will get the best experience possible while using Prescreen.

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