2019-03-19: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • New privacy settings: We have introduced collection of non-personal data for new accounts. This will help to improve Prescreen and let the development focus on the functions you use the most. This setting will only be activated for new accounts. Existing accounts are, of course, invited to contribute to the smooth operation of the application. 
  • More user information via REST API: We are working continuously on the improvement of our API. The main contact of a job now has additional information. Precisely, the profile image URL, phone number, current position, and birth date (if filled out) can now be requested via the API.
  • Disabled profile fields in application stay disabled: When you disable a user profile field in the application process you do this for a specific reason (e.g., some customers disable birth date to reduce potential bias). There was, however, the for candidates the possibility to fill out those fields after registration in the jobbase. This possibility is now deactivated as well. 
  • Better user deletion safeguards: Sometimes you want to remove specific users from your account. If they are involved in some processes, like an active hiring request, this can lead to unintended consequences. Therefore, users who are the creator, assignee, or approver of an active hiring request or the main contact of an active job cannot be deleted. To delete those users you need to unassign them from those roles.


  • In some case, the template caching was buggy and did not refresh the data properly after it was updated. The behavior has been improved and should work reliably now.
  • Under certain circumstances the loading screen could loop endlessly, preventing the user from logging in. This was obviously not intended and has been fixed. 
  • One of our newest features, fully translatable custom questions, had a bug where some fields were left blank. This has been fixed now. If a candidate wants to view a question in a language you have no translation for the default language text will be shown as a fallback.
  • Various smaller performance improvements and bug fixes in the frontend and backend. They are not visible, but ensure that you will get the best experience possible while using Prescreen.

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