2019-02-19: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • XING Easy Apply: If you publish a job on the XING network your potential hires can now apply directly via XING. By applying via XING the applicant's relevant profile information is automatically added to their Prescreen profile. This way, the application process is made even easier and faster!

    And don't worry: Should you require some important, additional data in your process, Prescreen can also wait for the applicant to finish their profile until the application gets flagged as "completed".  
  • Custom Session Time-Out: If your company's security and/or compliance regulation require a specific time after which a user is logged out, our support can now set account-wide settings for you. The standard time-out is 2 hours for recruiters and 12 hours for candidates. 
  • Translatable Custom Questions: We have reworked our custom questions (the ones that you can also use in questionnaires). This means: easier creation, faster editing, less management, and —most importantly— custom question are now multilingual! Using this new feature is very easy: just add translations. If you do not want to use this feature yet, you don't have to — all your existing custom questions retain the behaviour.  


  • We had an issue where messages, although successfully sent and received, did not show up in the activity feed — they were invisible. This was faulty behaviour of the application and has been fixed.
  • Prescreen filters out bad attachments for you. However, if a candidate sent multiple email attachments and just some of those files were corrupted, there were cases where the intact files were not transferred as well. This is now fixed and Prescreen will send you the intact attachments in all cases.
  • Prescreen is part of the XING family and many of you use the XING TalentManager through Prescreen. Sometimes we had an issue where a XING profile visit was triggered when you just sent a message to a candidate. This is fixed now.
  • In some cases the last activity was not visible for all recruiters. This is also fixed.
  • Various smaller performance improvements and bug fixes in the frontend and backend. They are not visible, but ensure that you will get the best experience possible while using Prescreen.

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