Managing hiring requests in Prescreen

With Prescreen you can easily create and efficiently manage hiring requests, this article will help you get started.

1. Managing your personnel needs with

  1. Manage the hiring needs of your company: Create hiring requests for the new or existing positions to fill. 
  2. Define the approval workflows: Create single- or multi-step approval processes
  3. Create jobs and job out of the successfully approved requests.

2. How-to


Hiring requests is the premium feature in Prescreen. It can get enabled for your account per request. For activation of hiring request feature in your Prescreen account please contact your account manager or write a short email to

2.1. Define access rights

In Account settings > Access management > Access groups define, which user groups can manage hiring requests. The following access right settings are available:

  • Can see all hiring requests: the user can see all hiring requests created in this account.
  • Can create hiring requests: the user can create new hiring request.
  • Can edit hiring requests: the user can edit the description and the approval process of a hiring request.
  • Can create and edit hiring request templates: the user can create and edit templates for the description of the hiring requests. Additional administration rights are needed.
  • Can create jobs from approved hiring requests: the user can create jobs out of an approved hiring request, even if they don't have a general permission to create jobs.

2.2. Define default fields (optional)

Some information from the hiring request description can be used to define the job. Decide, which standard job fields should be used in hiring requests. The values of these fields will automatically be copied to the job you create out of the successfully approved request. 

Go to Account > Hiring requests > General settings for configuration. Decide, which fields should be used in hiring requests and if they should be mandatory or optional.

The fields will be added to the hiring request creation form.

2.3. Create description templates (optional)

You can create multiple templates to describe the different types of your hiring requests. The templates will save you a lot of time when creating new requests.

2.3. Creating requests

To create a new hiring request:

  1. Click the button "ADD".
  2. Enter the title and the description (text only). The description can be filled from a template.
  3. Define the assignee, who should define and manage this hiring request. The assignee can additional details to the description of the hiring request and is responsible for defining the approval process. Please note, only the user with the access right "can edit hiring requests" can be selected for the assignee role. 
  4. Save the request.

You've created a draft version of your request. The assignee gets an invitation to manage the request via e-mail.

2.4. Define and start the approval process

The assignee can now change / complete the description and define the approval process. As long as the approval process is not started, the assignee can also be changed. So you can, for example, first assign the request to the Equal Opportunity Officer of your company, and then, after they've reviewed the request, to the responsible hiring manager.

  1. Create the first step of the approval process:
    1. Select an approver
      Select who should approve the request in this step. You can select specific users and / or a recruiting team.
    2. Group decision or individual decision
      You can determine whether each person in the group must approve (such as board decisions), or whether a single approval from any person in the group is enough to complete the process step (e.g., simple approval by work council members).
  2. (If necessary, create any number of additional approval steps)
  3. Click "Save Changes".
  4. Click "Start Approval Process".
  5. The person(s) from the first approval step are invited to review the request and make their decision.
  6. Once all necessary approvals have been granted, a job can be created.


  • The hiring requests with the status "In approval" can not be edited.
  • If a request gets, the approval process is aborted. The assignee and the creator of the request will be notified. In order to restart the process either a new hiring request has to be created, alternatively you can duplicate the rejected request, edit the details and start the approval process again.

2.5. Approve a request

If you need to grant approval for a hiring request, you have the following options:

  • Approve request: You can add a comment.
  • Reject request: You must justify your decision in a comment.
  • The activity log as well as the details of the approval process can only be viewed by participants with permissions to manage hiring requests ("Can see all hiring requests", "Can create hiring requests", "Can edit hiring requests"), including the creator and the assignee for the given hiring request.

The creator and the assignee of the request can see the approval status at any time in the overview list of all requests or in the detail view:

2.6. Create a job

From the successfully approved requests, you can create jobs for your recruiting process:

  • Create a new job. The permission "Can create jobs from approved hiring requests" is required for this.
  • Copy an existing job incl. description.

After the job is created, it is linked to the request from which it originated. The link can be seen in the detail view of the job as well as the edit view of the job. The link to the job also appears in the detail view of the request.

3. Working with the overview list

You have several management options:

  1. Status of decisions
    1. The green tick signals the approval
    2. The red cross signals the rejection
    3. In the active approval steps, the profile pictures are displayed larger
    4. In the completed approval steps, the profile pictures are displayed smaller
  2. Status of the approval process
    1. Draft
    2. Approval in progress
    3. Approved
    4. Declined
    5. Job created
  3. Further actions for approved processes 
    1. Duplicate
    2. Create a job
  4. Further actions for requests in approval 
    1. Duplicate
    2. To edit
  5. Filter and search options
    1. By the title and date of the request 
    2. By your own role in the approval process 
    3. By request status 

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