2019-01-22: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:

  • Prescreen is faster than ever: We are working hard to give you an edge in today's competitive recruitment market. Your users and applicants will experience up to 40% speed improvements which could be achieved by a combined effort of our development teams. 
  • New access right setting "Can edit users of this account":  This permission enables you to e.g., correct the email address, name, or other data of a user.
  • More information in the job feed: If you are using your account's job feed it will now also include an "industry_id" in the JSON output. Updated API documentation here: Job Feed Integration
  • CV parsing respects your settings: CV parsing is now only considering the fields that you have enabled for applications. E.g. if nationality or gender are not part of the registration step in the application form, these fields won't be saved when parsing a CV.
  • Fixed a bug where the XING Message Center triggered profile views when viewing a chat.
  • Fixed some problems that came from updating multi-language message templates. 
  • Various other smaller performance improvements and bug fixes in the backend. They are not visible, but ensure that you will get the best experience possible while using Prescreen. 
  • Deprecation of TLS v1.0: To ensure security for all users, Prescreen will phase out support of this outdated TLS version on 24 Jan, 2019. More information here:  Security Update - TLS v1.0 Deprecation

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