Your Prescreen Dashboard

Your Prescreen dashboard supports you with a set of helpful tools to keep an overview of your recruiting activities.


Create a personal todo list and focus on your daily tasks with the highest priority.

Create new task

  1. Create a new task by clicking on the "Create task" button or alternatively convert an in-app notification to a task.
  2. Define the title, due date and context (candidate, job, hiring request) of the task. Optionally, a description can be added.
  3. Save the new task.
  4. The task will appear in the list of tasks. The tasks are sorted according to the due date, the tasks with the due date today (or overdue) are shown on the top of the list.

Manage tasks list

There are the following filter options.

  • "Due this week":  All tasks with the due date this week.
  • "Open tasks": All open tasks. 
  • "Only completed tasks": All completed tasks.

Each task has a context menu with three options: edit, remove, mark as done / open.

In-app notifications

You can define how you want to receive system notifications: via email and / or as in-app notifications in the dashboard. You can set up your preferences under My Profile > Notifications.

The in-app notifications are displayed in your dashboard. After you have opened / clicked on a new notification, it will be marked as read. With the button "Mark all as read" all unread notifications can be marked as read at once. Use the filter options to view all or only the unread notifications.

Each notification has a menu with 2 options:

  • Create task: This options enables your to convert a notification to a task / reminder. You will be able to add some details (deadline, description, title) to the task.
  • Mark as read: Mark the notification as read without opening it.

Important numbers

Add the most important KPIs of your recruiting team to the dashboard.

  1. Account admins and users with access right "can manage the report Builder" and "can see Dashboard statistics" can configure the widgets contents.
  2. To configure the widget click the button "Configure" in the dashboard widget or in the Report Builder (Navigation menu > Reports) directly. 
  3. Decide, which analyses should be added to the dashboard widget.
  4. Select the analyses and save.
  5. The selected analyses will be shown in the widget. Please mind, that the analyses will only be visible to the users, who have access to see these analyses in the Report Builder.


In the Jobs widget you can see all jobs that you have access to. The jobs are sorted by creation date, the most recently created jobs are shown at the top of the list. Use the filter options to view only specific jobs. The last used filter option is automatically saved.

  • "Me as main contact": Shows jobs, where you're involved as main contact on the job team.
  • "Only actively involved": Shows jobs, for which you are getting notifications about the application changes.
  • "Only passively involved": Shows jobs, for which you are not getting notifications.

For each job the "Overdue applications" indicator shows the number of applications in a status that needs to be updated. Click on the indicator to go to the applications list filtered for applications in an overdue status.

Know-how: You can decide when the status update is due under Settings > Applications > Recruiting process > Edit process. Select an application status and activate the reminder after X days. After the deadline has been reached, the application status is shown as "overdue" in the app.

Create job / Add candidate

With this action buttons your can easily create a new job or add a new candidate profile. This elements are only available for the users with access rights "can add candidates" and "can create new jobs".

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