2018-12-06: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Introduced a new feature: hiring requests.
  • Locked the candidate profile deletion for the candidates with application status rejected or rejected by candidate until the data retention timeframe expires.
  • Calendar integration: added the option to send an invitation to candidates only after all the other participants have accepted the invitation.
  • XTM integration: added the contact path box to the user profiles.
  • Stepstone: Made the banner uploader for Liquid Design templates more flexible, limited the resolution restrictions for the uploads.
  • Various security, reliability and performance improvements.


  • Fixed loading issues in applicant acquisition channel report.
  • Fixed the bug with specific search queries breaking the search, when using „search in all fields“.
  • Fixed the bug with custom question filter breaking the search.
  • Fixed the bug with user avatars not being displayed in the pdf view of job ads.
  • Fixed the bug with candidate profile not being reopened after closing it and clicking the return button of the browser.

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