2018-11-20: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • Prescreen is now a default app on OneLogin which eases the Single Sign-On setup for OneLogin users.
    Our updated integration guide can be found here: https://prescreen.helpscoutdocs.com/article/159-using-onelogin-as-saml-identity-provider-for-prescreen
  • XING TalentManager integration:
    • Introduced an invite-to-apply feature: Invite XING users through our XING TalentManager integration to apply and let them apply seamlessly through the XING Messenger.
    • Added search results sortation (first name, last name, relevance).
  • HR-BA-XML job board booking: 
    • You can now configure or update your integration settings on your own without the help of our support team in Account settings > Integrations > HR-BA-XML integration.
    • You will be notified 1 month before your HR-BA-XML certificate expires. You can upload the new certificate in the account settings.
    • The HR-BA-XML job ad bookings are not available, if your certificate is expired.
  • E-Mail applications: When you choose to send a welcome e-mail to the candidate, an additional e-mail with login credentials for the candidate center will be sent to the candidate.


  • Fixed a bug with closing XING profile overlay resulting in a redirect when coming from the login page. 
  • Fixed a bug with missing experience data in XING CV imports.
  • Fixed a bug with recruiter user invitations.
  • Fixed issues with endless loading of message threads.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the changes in recruiter user profile.
  • Man other stability tweaks and performance improvements.

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