2018-10-02: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • XING TalentManager integration:
    • The last search combination is now being saved until user resets the filter.
    • Bulk bookmarking is now available (max. 50 profiles can be bookmarked at once).
  • New access right settings: "can edit candidate tags" in addition to "can see candidate tags".
  • Job ad templates now support Stepstone Liquid Design options.
  • Various infrastructure and reliability improvements.


  • Fixed issues with autocompleting locations data(street+ house number) in Jobbase.
  • Fixed a bug in adding experience and education manually in a CV.
  • Fixed a bug with visual indicator for mail applicaitons.
  • Fixed a bug with print view for job statistics.
  • Fixed issues in candidate deletion workflow.

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