2018-09-18: Changelog

The following things have changed since the last update:


  • XING TalentManager integration:
    • The latest filter combination is now being saved.
    • Attachments can now be added to XING messages.
    • Added profile visits and messages counter in the search results list.
    • Added more information in profiles (jobseeker details, similar profiles, organizations, groups, professional experience description).
    • Detailed job ad statistics are now available for the paid XING job ads (job > statistics).
  • Added job location information to the newest applications list in dashboard.
  • GDPR: Added a customizable e-mail notification template for offering longer data retention (manual or scheduled notification).
  • Prescreen now supports Slovenian language interface.
  • Various small performance improvements.


  • Improved filter loading times for candidate and job lists.
  • Fixed various frontend issues with hiring requests editing interface (deleting status reasons, status visibility and reminder settings).
  • Fixed the issue with candidate deletion date not being updated after customizing the deletion timeframe.
  • Fixed the bug with changing short titles for statuses.

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