Using OneLogin as SAML Identity Provider for Prescreen

This guide explains, how to configure OneLogin so it can be used as a Prescreen compatible SAML identity provider.
Before you continue, please read our article explaining the fundamental SAML setup.

Please follow these steps:

  1. In your OneLogin account go to APPS > Add APP
  2. Search for "" and click on the displayed app entry.
  3. Rename the app if you want and click SAVE.
  4. After saving the app, click on the new tab "Configuration", enter the subdomain of your Prescreen account and click SAVE.
    When you have Prescreen open in your browser the subdomain can be found here:
  5. In OneLogin click "MORE ACTIONS" and then click "SAML Metadata" to download a metadata xml file which is required in later steps.
  6. Click on SSO and copy the "Issuer URL" by clicking on the icon showed below. This is the "ENTITY ID" of the OneLogin identity provider required in later steps.
  7. Assign your OneLogin users to the newly created app: Go to USERS > All Users. Click on the user you want to test the integration, select "Applications" and then click on the "+" sign:
  8. Select the app you just created and click CONTINUE.
  9. The setup of your SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP) should now be completed. Continue with the setup in Prescreen.

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