Posting job ads on XING

All the Prescreen customers enjoy the XING JobManager Basic+ plan for free

What is covered by the Basic+ plan?

  • No setup fee, no yearly fee – for Prescreen customers only!
  • Plain HTML description with one banner image.
  • Runtime: 30 days.
  • Posting amount: unlimited.
  • Clicks & page views: unlimited.
  • AdFree? No (on the right side of the page paid ads from XING network are shown as "Similar Jobs").

How to set up a job posting on XING?

  1. Connect your account and your institutions with corresponding XING company profiles. This URL enables the connection between the job posting and your company profile: the posting will be shown in the "Jobs" section on your XING company profile and there will be a link to your company profile including the logo on each job post.

    a. Connecting your XING company profile and your Prescreen account: Account settings > Integrations > XING integration.b. Adding the XING company profile UL to your institutions, which have legal entity status. This is only needed, if you would like your job posts to be connected with a different XING company profile than the one you saved in your account details (the previous step).
  2. Post your job ad on XING. Job > Edit > Job board booking > XING Job Ads
  3. You can optionally adjust the job ad settings:
    1. Select an alternative job ad title. Use auto-completion to define the job ad title optimized for the job search on XING.
    2. Add required skills. These are used to match candidates' "haves" and your job ad and optimize the new job position suggestions for XING users.
    3. Activate "Easy apply". When activated, an "Apply" button will be shown on this job ad allowing the XING user to easily apply with one click using their XING profile information.
    4. If "Easy apply" is activated, you can decide, if the application can be "Finished with XING data only". This setting is only relevant, if your application process has some mandatory fields, which can not be filled out by the data we receive from XING user's profile. If deactivated, the candidate will be asked to finish their application and will be forwarded to the application process in order to fill out the missing mandatory information. If activated, all applications will automatically count as completed.
  4. Click "Book now". The job will be instantly posted on XING.
  5. All the changes to the job description will automatically be updated on XING. 
  6. To preview your job ad on XING, click on the title in the bookings list. If you want to cancel the job ad, just click on "Cancel".