Hiring process notifications

To make sure, that applicants don't get stuck during the hiring process notifications and reminders are essential. Because of their importance Prescreen offers a variety of different configuration options to meet the individual process needs.

Currently, there are two major e-mail notifications regarding changes of application statuses:

  1. Status change notification
    If configured, an e-mail notification is sent out everytime someone changes the status (move applicant to the next hiring process step) of an application.
    Please note: The person who sets a status is always excluded from the status change notification.
  2. Reminder for applicants whose status hasn't changed for a defined timespan
    This reminder is part of a daily collective e-mail notification. It contains all the relevant jobs and informs about how many applicants whose status needs to be changed exist. For each status there is a direct link which shows you the relevant applicants.

Both can be configured for each step of a hiring process (Administration > Applications > Hiring process > Edit steps > "A notification will be sent to:" > Edit) where you have various options:

  • Access group
    If you select one or more access groups, all members of a job team who actively involved and belong to one of these groups will be notified.
  • Job team
    If you select this option, ALL members of a job team (regardless of their involvement type) will be notifiied.
  • Specific users
    In addition to the above options you can define specific users who should be notified.

In addition to these status change specific notifications, there is another notification regarding NEW applicants:
Depending on the access group settings a daily collective e-mail notification is sent out listing all jobs which contain new applicants. New applicants are applicants who are still in the initial step of a hiring process and haven't been mentioned in such a collective e-mail notification before. Please note: You only receive this notification if the job and its applicants are visible for you and if this type of notification is enabled for your access group. There is also a separate access group setting for notifications regarding new speculative applications.

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