Candidate information approval for parsed e-mail applications

When a candidate applies through the normal application form, an e-mail gets sent out automatically informing the candidate that the application process has started. This usually also contains information on how he can edit / finish the application at a later point.

However, for automatically parsed (imported) e-mail applications the process is a little bit different:

Because of the nature of automated e-mail / file parsing we cannot ensure that the imported information is 100% correct. In some rare cases, even the name of an imported candidate can be parsed wrongly. In order to prevent any awkward situations we do not send out e-mail confirmations to such candidates automatically. Instead, we inform about imported e-mail applicants and give the opportunity to approve the parsed information. This can be done in the candidate profile:

If all extracted information is correct or after editing the profile you can click "approve profile" which opens a modal window where you can choose if you want to send out the e-mail confirmation or just approve the information silently:

In the applicants list of a job or in the dashboard, such unapproved applications can easily being spotted via the e-mail icon beside their name.

To make handling e-mail applicants even more convenient we have also added a new filter for unapproved e-mail applications.

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