Custom application sources

With custom application sources you or your candidate can assign each application to a specific marketing channel. Evaluate your marketing efforts and optimize your marketing channels based on gathered information. 

  1. Go to Account > Applications > Application sources. Here you can set up and manage your custom application sources.
  2. Click on "Add job application source" button to add a new source entry.
  3. Enter a title (e.g. Social media, Company website, Friends or relatives, Event etc.) and decide, if candidates should fill out this information during their application. 
  4. Save your changes. The new entry will appear in the list and can be edited at any time.
  5. If you've chosen for candidates to fill in the source during the application, the value will automatically appear in candidate profile, otherwise the source can be assigned manually by Prescreen users with editing rights for this job.

  6. Analyse the application sources at Reports > Applicant Acquisition Channels.

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